The Process

We believe in creating spaces that enhance the human experience in a profound way. Our vision is born via a method method of exploration, brainstorming, processing, filtering, and filtering again. We describe this interior design process through the following phases.


Understanding Our Clients

Tell us your goals and expectations and then trust us. We are storytellers and our job is to tell a cohesive and beautiful narrative about you in each space.

Questions may include:

  • What are your goals for this project?
  • What works about your existing space?
  • What needs improvement?
  • What is your budget?


Schematic Design

We will develop concepts for your new space by examining what we have collected, and propose ideas that meet your requirements and perhaps extend beyond them. We design timeless spaces, and thus foresee the space years ahead bringing you new perspectives to consider.

In the schematic design stage you may receive:

  • A site measure of your existing or new space and inventory of existing fixtures, furniture or equipment to be reused;
  • Conceptual mood board and materials
  • Space plans
  • A meeting to review and make changes


Design Development

Transforming our vision from concept into a unique design plan.
Our design team will define space plans, materials, fixtures, furniture or equipment that bring our vision to life. During this phase, your project will come to life in 3D – giving your imagination a tangible idea.


Execution + Project Management

Ensuring the quality of the built space matches that of the designed space.
We act as the mediator between you and vendors to ensure every design decision is processed adequately, allowing you to obtain the best combination of quality, pricing and scheduling.

In the Execution+PM stage you may receive:

  • Design proposals for the final design and clarifications
  • Confirmation of procurement for items outlined in scope of work
  • Tentative schedule for installations
  • Review of shop drawings and other submittals
  • Management of all fixture, furniture or equipment ordered and received
  • Communication between you, other parties over the course of the execution
  • Site visits to review and inspect completed work
  • Documentation to monitor changes and provide direction to other parties

When necessary, we have established relationships with a variety of Architects and General Contractors which can participate in the project, and have worked in collaboration with existing partnerships our clients have.

Customize your process. Every project and client is different, so we are flexible to discussing other options that tailor to your needs.