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Hillary Littlejohn Studio Design is a studio that inspires creativity and practicality while conveying a sense of well-being and purpose in design. Our vision is to consistently create spaces that enhance the human experience in a profound way.





Hillary is known for creating timeless spaces inspired by modern classicism. Since opening her namesake firm in 2005, Hillary Littlejohn Scurtis Design, Hillary has collaborated with clients to achieve interior landscapes that synergistically blend the refined use of materials, a developed a sense of color, and strong silhouettes. Hillary believes that lifestyle and beauty dictate all design and are the first consideration in creating unique spaces for each client. Hillary received a B.A. from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and is a graduate of the New School Parsons Interior Design, NY, NY.



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I enter spaces quietly; often touching the walls and observing the details of a room.  Curiosity and passion for design are inherent qualities of my personality.  I believe many people can appreciate something beautiful, but not everyone will pause to try to understand the balance between its function and aesthetic.  The forethought of how a space is produced and how interiors age through time; are particular aspects of design that inspired me to obtain a Masters of Architecture degree and consequently have shaped my perspective.